New Site Design
Just finished the redesign of the site though it may take a day or two to work out any kinks. Comments will be enabled shortly.
Lab Rabbit Post Mortem
For the most part people complement my art style. Some said it reminded them of limbo but that was unintentional. I wanted to keep the art style simple and consistent throughout the game. People also enjoyed the music selection. The music gets moodier as the game progresses. I made a trailer, a few game-play videos and posted it on Game Trailers and YouTube. I am very happy with the way the trailer turned out. It was the first time I created something like that and the music and visuals synced beautifully.
Lab Rabbit Walkthrough Part 2
Here is part 2.
Lab Rabbit Walkthrough
Here is part 1 of my Lab Rabbit walkthrough. I will be playing through the entire game for all those who are interested. See it’s not that difficult(if you created […]